Questions From A Year Ago

by - April 05, 2018

If you could have an interview with your future self, what would you ask?

Today (April 5, 2017) I am making a set of questions and I will answer them a year after.
I'm curious to find out how the future me is going to answer them! Hihi.

April 5, 2018
Wow! I'm a bit excited to answer these. I even forgot some of the questions, so let's see.

After a year, how is the married life going so far?

We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary last month! Sometimes everything feels like a routine, other times it's like a roller coaster ride. And sometimes full of sweet surprises. ♥

What did you name your second baby? (I know you're planning to name him Jyrus Blake but maybe you changed your mind.)

Still decided to name him JYRUS BLAKE. Coincidentally, Charice Pempengco changed her name to "Jake Zyrus" the same day Blake was born.

How was labor? How many hours did it take before the baby came out?

I started having contractions while I was asleep. At around 1AM, I went to the bathroom and found I already have some blood spots. I told my husband that I think I am going to give birth. On the way to the hospital, I told him that I think it would take a while before Blake comes out. I was on the labor room and the doctors were busy that time because there was another patient undergoing CS. One of the doctors keep asking me if I want "painless" and all that time I thought she meant pain reliever. I kept declining the offer until I felt like I can no longer tolerate the pain. I was surprised when they took me to the delivery room. That's when I knew that "painless" means epidural! Thankfully though, I was able to rest for like an hour. The doctors went out because another patient needs to undergo CS. Just then my water broke and epidural can't even take the pain away. I was screaming in pain! They had to tie my hands to prevent me from squirming. Hahaha! Total time of labor is 11 hours.

What can Akee do now? As of writing, I know she's trying to talk but still can't properly pronounce most of the words, but she sings really well!

She understands and speaks English! I said "Ako na" and she said "That's mine!". I also said "Kahibaw nako!" and she exclaimed "I got it!". One time she found her Twilight Sparkle mask and she said to me "I find it!". She's also a bisdak (bisayang dako) and says things like "Agay oi!" "Ayaw ba!". She's very excited for her upcoming birthday.

Do you still watch Doctor Who?

Yeps!! Still waiting for the next season featuring the 13th Doctor. I even bought Doctor Who Funko pops! Not sure if you've already watched Sherlock but that's one of the series you'll really love! And as of the moment, I'm watching Once Upon A Time. Better watch it, too. 

Current favorite Disney Princess?

Wait--- what? I don't know. Moana? Hahah! Why did I ask myself this? There will be a new movie "Coco" which will become your instant favorite! No spoilers, just watch.

How many Copic markers do you own now? 

49 Copic markers, and 12 Copic multiliner (trust me, you'll love the multiliner pens!). I also have new brush pens such as the Pentel Fude Touch. Also got the My Gel, My Metal, and My Pastel sets. Hihi.

Have you made a business out of your doodles?

Unfortunately, no. I don't even have much time to make "proper" doodles these days.

Have you finally gotten your own house?

Not yet! Haha! 

How is your platelet count now?

I lost count. Haha! Actually, I haven't gone to the hematologist, anymore. I'm sick of the meds. During our APE, I wasn't called so maybe the results were normal.

If you could give me (the past you) any advice, what would it be?

Control your *mouth* temper and stop buying things impulsively.

Anything else you would like to share?

You'll get a nice surprise! Actually, lots of surprises but I don't want to spoil anything. All in God's time.

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