First-Times on Our First Wedding Anniversary

by - March 18, 2018

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary last March 16 - which is also our "relationship" anniversary (not sure what to call it haha).

We didn't really have any concrete plans asides from watching the sunrise somewhere. Unexpectedly, even without planning it, on our first wedding anniversary we have visited a lot of places for the first time.

Here's a short summary of how our day's been.

We arrived at West 35 Eco Mountain Resort at 6AM. The resort opens at 7AM, so we headed to D' Village Antiquehouse and Diner to have some coffee and breakfast. It was really very cold and foggy.

After breakfast, we went back to West 35 and took a few more photos before the guard finally let us in. The views were breathtaking! There is a camping site, a small playground, a cafe, and a viewing deck.

There was nothing else to do so we drove all the way to Poblacion Balamban to see if there would be anything else in there. We arrived at Wild Wild West which offers (as per their signage) horse backriding, and fishing activities. Unfortunately, there was really nothing to do there. The pond has dried up and we saw no horse anywhere. Either we were too early, or they aren't in business anymore.

We went back to the mountainous side of Balamban where we saw the signage for Buwakan ni Alejandra.

Just across it is JVR Island in the Sky where our GoPro fell off on our first cable car ride.

We then had our lunch at Adventure Cafe. I recommend their Baby Back Ribs.

We then passed by the spot where we had our prenuptial. We would have wanted to take photos there to compare with our prenup shoots, but the grass all dried up and there is really nothing good to see there.

We proceeded to Sirao Flower Garden where we encountered some kind of drama which I am not willing to share yet (haha! But yep all was good, we even took a groufie lol).

It was only 12 noon and we already felt like we've already done a lot. So we took a quick break at Temple of Leah before we headed back to the city.

We took a package from the post office (which was supposed to be delivered a few weeks ago). Then we realised it was already afternoon! Traffic is really time-consuming.

We had tuna salad and coffee at Go Go Cafe before we went to Watever Family KTV to sing our hearts out.

It was definitely a day well spent. We didn't plan any of this (except for the sunrise), and we have visited a lot of places! All of them for the first time (except for the ones in the city).

I will be sharing more details of each visit in different posts soon.

Our itinerary for the day:

Live. Laugh. Love.

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