Cold Morning at West 35 Eco Mountain Resort

by - March 20, 2018

We went to West 35 Eco Mountain Resort because we were hoping to see the sunrise over some hot cup of coffee on our anniversary date. Unfortunately, we were too early and we weren't allowed to go in yet.

We hiked down the road to take some pictures while waiting for the resort to open. When we reached the road, the fog has already covered the views.

It was really cold so we walked back up to ask where we could have some coffee. The guard then suggested we go have breakfast at D' Village Antiquehouse and Diner.

After having breakfast, we went back to West 35 Eco Mountain Resort.
The sun has already risen but we could still feel the chilly air.
The fog has cleared out and we were able to take pictures of the views.

These are the spots in the resort.
I love their restroom! Haha! They have bidet and tissue paper. What's making me a bit uncomfortable though is the thought of snakes hanging around. Eek!

Up ahead is Haven Cafe and the viewing deck. I would have wanted to sip some coffee while watching the views, but we already had coffee so maybe next time.

There are also a lot of bees buzzing over the flowers! It's really amazing to watch.

We were also accompanied by two dogs during our visit here. They keep on following us. And whenever they notice we take pictures, they kind of just appear there and photobombs. 

Luckily for this photo though, doggy was a bit slow so he's not in the photo. Hihi.
But notice that view just right there!

It feels so good to be on the top of the world! Especially with the company of our significant others. ♥

Entrance fee is Php50 per person.

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Live. Laugh. Love.

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