Breakfast at D' Village Antiquehouse and Diner

by - March 18, 2018

We arrived at West 35 Eco Mountain Resort earlier than its opening time. Since it was a really cold and foggy morning, we looked for someplace where we could have coffee and breakfast.

We then drove back to D' Village Antiquehouse and Diner.

Honestly, I find it a bit creepy especially since the walls at the back are made of glass. I could see the inside from where we were sitting. I mean, I wouldn't want to sleep in a room where someone from the outside could see me clearly.

Anyway, the lady from the Village Oven (the name of their store) is very friendly and accommodating. She prepared the scrambled eggs and coffee for us while we were enjoying the views.

We saw a town from afar and assumed it is Toledo. We forgot to take pictures of it, though.

My face when I realised I failed today's intermittent fasting. 
We were pleasantly surprised, that their prices were just right. We were kind of expecting to pay double since they are really far from the city.

D' Village Antiquehouse and Diner is a great stopover for those who will be travelling to the west. You can enjoy the scenic views and have food in just the right price.

I've also just learned (through Google) that some people do camp here. Wow!

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Live. Laugh. Love.

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