Anniversary Lunch at Adventure Cafe

by - March 27, 2018

After an "I-almost-had-a-heart-attack-cable-car-ride", we went to Adventure Cafe to have our lunch.

Asides from serving food, they sell merchs like turbans and caps, and they offer zipline activity.
I was very hesitant to try since our GoPro stick is broken and I don't want to risk our camera falling off for good.

The husband did say we shall come back next time if we get a new stick.

Their menu*!
We ordered Baby Back Ribs, Spicy Shrimp 'n' Mushroom Madness, and California Maki Salad.

I wasn't able to take an individual photo of the Baby Back Ribs but this one is a big YAY! I highly recommend it.

I ordered California Maki Salad, because well, to be honest, I was expecting California Maki! Haha!
This is what we got.

I have nothing against salads. In fact, the husband and I have it for dinner most of the time these past few days. So I am not really that disappointed.

This could have been a YAY, too, but some slices of cucumber are too bitter. And the lettuce was also too wet. This just went to my NAY list.

Another big YAY is the Spicy Shrimp 'n' Mushroom Madness. It has the right spiciness!
I'm not a big fan of shrimps but I love the sauce. I also recommend this one.

* Prices and menu may have changed since our last visit.

Where else did we went off to:

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