A Short Visit to the Temple of Leah

by - March 27, 2018

It was still noon and we felt like we've already been and done a lot!

We decided to go to Temple of Leah before we head back to the city.
There, we have an overlooking view of Cebu.

They have an ongoing construction during our visit.

This is Leah. His husband must have loved her so much to build a temple for her.

Well, dear husband, I do not need any temple. Just the fact that you've stayed and survived another year with me is more than enough. ♥

Busy taking shots of the place!

Thank you for being my awesome photographer!

And sometimes capturing these kinds of shots. XD
What am I even doing here?

Oh, right! I want to pose for a photo op.

And here's a candid photo of the husband :P

They supposedly have a telescope. Too bad it was broken when we visited.

Entrance Fee: Php50

See where else we went off to:

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