Pervil Magic Cream: Lightens Stretchmarks Like Magic!

by - December 27, 2017

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I delivered a whooping eight-pound baby this year, and I'm a 4'11" petite woman. Just imagine the size of  my belly that time. I have a lot of noticeable stretchmarks over my tummy!

Then, I decided to try Pervil Magic Cream.

I was skeptical at first because my stretchmarks are really dark. But then, one has to believe in order for magic to work.

In just a few weeks' time, I have amazing results!
I shared my results on my Facebook account and a lot of my friends are messaging me.

What did you use? 

Magic Cream from Pervil.

Will it lighten my scars?

I encourage you to try. If I base it on my experience, I have amazing results. It didn't irritate my skin. I hope this works well for you, too.

How much does it cost?

Php300 only. This is also available in sets worth Php700 - with toner, soap, and sunblock.

Where can I buy this?

I know someone who is selling Pervil products. You may contact Anne.

I'm breastfeeding. Is this safe to use?

Most people would advise not to use these kinds of products when you are breastfeeding. But I think this is fine to use since there is no odor and just as long as it is not applied on the breast area. However, please consult your pediatrician just to be sure.

Can this help flatten my stomach?

Unfortunately, all magic has its limits.

~ * ~

Pervil is also offering other products such as soaps, and lotion. If you wish to know more of their products, you may contact Anne.

So there you go!


Pervil Magic Cream only lightens stretchmarks and doesn't really get rid of them 100%.
And just before you go on hating your stretchmarks, please know that you're beautiful.
Your stretchmarks are beautiful.
These are a reminder of strength, of love, and of a beautiful life you have delivered.

As what the quotes say, you're a tigress who earned her stripes.

So be proud. You're a SUPER MOM. ♥

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