Tips for Potty Training Toddlers

by - August 17, 2017

Our pediatrician advised us to ditch the diapers since our little Akisa isn't so little anymore.
She gave us a few tips to make potty training less stressful and even enjoyable for everyone. I'm sharing it here as this might be useful for those who want to start training their kids.

Note that teaching our little ones to use the potty would require a lot of patience from the parents, and cooperation from the toddler.
Potty training would really take time (and maybe requires extra laundry soap for soiled pants and sheets along the way).

Check if toddler is ready

Make sure to check signs that your little one is ready to be potty trained. Starting very early might be frustrating for the parents and even for the child.

Signs that the toddler could be ready is if s/he could follow through simple instructions, and if s/he understands the use of the loo.

Based on my personal experience, I observed that little Akisa runs to and fro if she needs to do number 2. Then I would take her to the toilet and she proceeds to do her business there.
One time we entered the Parents' Room at a mall. There was a small toilet bowl and she said "Mama, wee-wees". That's when I knew that she is ready to be trained.

Drop the bottle

This is to lessen liquid consumption so that the little one doesn't need to pee-pee all the time. After all, children 3 years and above already intake food so they really don't need the feeding bottle anymore. 
Don't take this wrong. I'm not saying you have to give up on milk. They could still have their milk once in the morning and once in the evening on a cup - not on a feeding bottle.

Well, we did follow this tip but after little Akee finally knows what to do when she needs to go the loo, we gave her back her bottle. I hope our pedia doesn't read this. Haha!

Use friendly potty seats

Toddlers may not be able to sit comfortably on adult toilet bowls. Provide potty or potty seat for your little one so that they may be able to do their thing on their own.

There are some cute designs you could find at the mall and even online. We decided to buy something that little Akisa would feel excited to use. But be careful, though. There are potty seats that look "playable" ie. potty that looks like a toy car. We don't want our kids to play with their potty, do we?
Source: Amazon
We got little Akisa exactly this potty except that it's not from Amazon.

As of writing, my little girl is having number 2 on her potty. I might need to add you should have something to get rid of the odor if your potty will be inside your room. Haha! Also, make sure to wash the potty regularly.

Positive reinforcement

If your little one successfully uses the potty, reward him/her. Acknowledge them for a job well done.
However if your toddler accidentally pees on his/her pants, just encourage them to use the potty next time.

Do not scold the child. Chances are they will be scared to pee. They will be holding it in because they're afraid to be scolded again. 

Take one step at a time

I have to repeat this - You need to be patient.
I know potty training could be a little frustrating especially if we don't see any improvements immediately. But hey! These are kids! Be patient with them. Do not rush.

Start with the Dry By Day. If this is 100% accomplished - no diapers at daytime and no soiled pants 'cause of pee / poo - then you could go proceed with the Dry By Night.

These are just some tips for potty training your toddler.

How do you find these tips?
Do you have something to add?
How did you potty train your kids?

Feel free to leave a message on the comments section below!

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  1. Perfect timing for us! We're just trying to decide when to start training with my newly-2-year-old. I know your tips are going to be very helpful for us.

  2. I totally agree about the positive reinforcement and not scolding. It can be frustrating but positive reinforcement just works better and keeps people from being traumatized.

  3. Great tips! I think the biggest thing is recognizing when they are ready! My little ones got one M&m each time they went and that really seem to motivate them!

  4. Awesome tips that will definitely work! A book about potty training worked for us in addition to everything else. 👍😀

  5. This is so interesting and informative! Thank you for putting this together!

  6. Eeeekkk I am approaching potty training time with my first one and honestly I am a bit scared! I am definetly going to save this post for reference!!

  7. We aren't quite ready for potty training just yet, but I feel like we aren't too far off. I honestly have no idea what to expect with my little one, but these are some really great tips to help with that huge transition! I definitely need to save this post for later.

  8. You can do it! We're still keeping an eye on our two year old to determine if she's ready to be potty trained. I agree 100% that the words and tone we use while potty training can completely alter their experience -- working to not call any of it gross or negative, but trying to convey the exciting milestone that it is (but doesn't feel like it in the moment.) When our first daughter was nearing her third birthday we bribed her with salt water taffys ("potty treats") and it was just what she needed to be convinced.

  9. Yes! When we ran out of diapers, too bad ;) she had an Elmo potty seed and it was less than a week before she was peeing In the potty all the time.

  10. These are great tips! We are circling around the idea of potty training and it is intimidating!

  11. These are such great tips! I am super nervous to begin potty training my little guy who is 2, but you are so right in knowing when they are ready! This does avoid stress for us and them. I also love the little potty that you've mentioned in your post. I definitely will be checking it out on Amazon! Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Great Tips! My little one just turned one and I am already starting to prepare myself for potty training lol!

  13. These are wonderful and helpful tips for parents about to start the potty training process... Potty Training can be a lovely nag and tiring process so I'm sure all tips and encouragement are appreciated.... Shell