Where to Buy Copic Markers in the Philippines?

by - April 07, 2017

If you're not aware yet, I have a doodle IG account and FB Page! You should check them out! LIKE REALLY! CHECK THEM OUT NOW! Haha!

And because of that, I've been receiving questions lately about where I purchased my Copic markers.

Copic markers are alcohol-based markers which I believe is developed for the Japanese manga industry. And thus, these markers can be bought on stores in Japan.

But I'm here in the Philippines! And I don't know anyone from Japan!

Well, worry not!! There are online stores such as iprice that sell these babies!

But I personally recommend Color Buffet PH

Here are the reasons why:

Color Buffet PH has the least expensive Copic markers.

Trust me, I've been looking around online. Each marker costs Php300 for other stores. Color Buffet PH gives them for Php225 only! They also have the least expensive refills, and they offer discounts if markers are bought in sets. They give amazing deals! As of writing, I've already made three purchases with them. :)
An avatar I designed for this blog. Hihi.

Color Buffet PH is very friendly and accommodating.

I love the way they respond to my inquiries. It is not the standard replies I usually get with the other online stores. They don't make me feel like I'm just another customer since they really add a personal touch to their messages. The person who replied to my inquiries, by the way, is named Henshel. :)

Using the Copic markers.

Markers arrive on time!

While I'm really patient in waiting for my orders, it's really a huge plus for me if my orders arrive on the expected date. And markers come packed in bubble wrap to make sure they don't get any damage.

Color Buffet PH knows their stuff.

They're not just any seller who sells just to earn money. They know the stuff they're selling! They could answer inquiries really well. :)

I am not in any way paid by Color Buffet PH. I just felt like they should have a special place in my web blog since their service has always been amazing!

Another doodle where I used the Copic markers.

There you go, folks! If you want to buy Copic markers online, you know where to go :)

If you happen to know any other store in the Philippines that sells Copic markers, feel free to share on the comments section.

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  1. Are those your drawings? I really like the last pic's cloud on the top left for some reason. Haha! Liked your FB page btw :3

    1. Hi, Chen!

      Yes, these are mine. Any psychological reason behind the cloud? Hihi

    2. And thanks for liking my FB page, too!!

    3. Ehh. I'd rather say it's cute. Hahahah, you're welcome :)

  2. Copictasticph has the least price of all online shops. They offer the copic sketch for only 210 php. Check them out on instagram and facebook.

    1. Hi! I was able to check their IG account before. :)
      The markers were cheaper but I find the shipping fee too costly compared with Color Buffet PH.

      Plus, Color Buffet PH offers free shipping as well (two of my purchases are shipped for free) so if I'm going to consider that, then Color Buffet PH is less expensive. :)

      But assuming that I don't need the markers to be shipped, then Copicstaticph may be the better option when it comes to expenses. :)

  3. These markers are quite useful when we travel. We can use them to highlight important info in maps, write improvised signs, and more.

  4. Cute kaayo imong mga doodles! How about making a portrait of me? Hahah

    1. Thank you, Mustachio! Hala that's a great idea HAHAH esp. kai I'm running out of creative juice. XD Wala pa koi ma-think na i-doodle :D

    2. I am so plain that I am easy to draw. But I am giving you permission to dress me up with your copic markers and make me dapper hahah

    3. It'd be my pleasure! Hahahaha can't wait to have Mustachio cosplay! XD