Reasons Why You Should Have Engagement Shoots

by - January 06, 2017

It has been a trend today to have photoshoot sessions days (or months) before a couple's wedding day.

And I guess we were one of those couples who are into the "trend". We just had ours last December 2016! 😊 I'll be sharing of this wonderful experience in a separate blog post. 

Some would say it is just a waste of money. Others say this kind of stuff is just peer pressure (like every couple on social media does it so why won't we - kind of thing). And there are also a some who doesn't like prenup photos because they feel unnatural (like why are they on the woods wearing long gowns, anyway)

Whilst some would say engagement shoots are unnecessary, here are some of the reasons why I honestly think we should have one.

Get to know your photographer.

Your photographer will be one of the people who would play a very important role on your wedding day. He will be there to capture this once in a lifetime moment in your lives. It would be great if you could see their actual works. And by actual works, I am referring to their photos of YOU.

Yes, you may settle with just looking at their folios, yes, you could depend on other people's reviews. But wouldn't it be great if you would be able to see and experience how your potential wedding photographer works? 

I wouldn't want to be that someone who would say "If only I knew, I could've gotten someone else." (I know some friends who are not so happy with their wedding photographs.)

Know which pose or angle you look best.

If you have not yet experienced being taken by a professional photographer, then maybe this is the perfect time to try it!

You would be able to see how you would look in certain angles. See which of your smiles you'd look best. It's a good time to experiment on poses, too.

This would also be helpful to your photographer as well as this would give them an idea from which angle they should take photos of you.

By your wedding day, you'll be confident you'll look great on your wedding photos!

Announcement for the Big Day!

These photos could be used a a "Save the Date" announcement for your big day! Hooray!
You could print this out for your invitations or even for your giveaways. 

As for my case, I haven't made any official announcement yet but since a few of our engagement photos have already been out, everyone already assumed they're going to hear wedding bells real soon. Hihi.

See? Engagement photos are as good as an announcement itself. 😊

Celebrate LOVE and FAMILY

You take photos to celebrate your love as a couple. You both will be going on a new chapter of your lives. Marriage (as what most people say) isn't easy. It will be full of ups and downs.

Let your engagement photos be a reminder of the love you have for each other and may this grow stronger every day even after you have already tied the knot.

Personally for me, I really loved how our photographer allowed our little Akisa to be part of the photoshoot. We are a family after all and children should always be part of the love every couple shares. 😊

How about you? Are you also planning to take engagement shoots before your big day? 

Special thanks to the awesome team who made this photo session a great success! 

Photographer: Seph Aparente Folios

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  1. Awww *insert heart emoji* the photos look lovely! Congratulations!

    Being a photographer used to be my dream and doing pre-nups was something I saw myself doing. But I don't think I will do good as your photog here. HAHA

    1. Don't give up on your dream just yet! :D

      Our photographer was my younger sister's classmate. Photography is really her passion. Back then, she only used her phone cam (there were no smart phones yet) and used PICNIK.COM to edit the photos!

      Now she's finally become a wedding photographer! :D


  2. If Sheila and I will ever have an engagement photo shoot, we would do it either on top of a cliff or below the bottom of the sea. No ground level photos. LOL! :D

    1. I can totally see you doing that!!! Hahaha! Our stylist also did engagement shoots underwater!! That would be perfect for Team Sweetie!! Ohmygosh!! I'm actually looking forward to your engagement photos!! ❤️❤️❤️

    2. Of course, so Team Sweetie! The outdoor couple! Looking forward to that too :D