Snakyard Relocated

by - September 08, 2016

Since it's payday, Mr. Kulot (SO) and I decided to treat ourselves for some nachos and porkchop.

When we went to Food Xpress of JCentre Mall, they're gone!! (char)

Not really gone-gone. They were just moved to a different location.

Snakyard, however, did not go with the rest of the food stalls. Instead, they relocated at Upper Ground Floor JCentre Mall beside Jollibee.

They finally have their own spot. :D

Snakyard - Pesto Herbed Porkchop
Pesto Herbed Porkchop - Php85
Kitchen has its own room at the back. All the cooking will be done there :) 
They haven't installed their A/C unit yet so still sticking with electric fans as of now.
More tables and chairs!!
The best thing about it is there would be no  food odor sticking to our clothes and hair anymore. Weee!

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