Just Do Eat at BBQ Chicken and Beer

by - September 27, 2016

Mondays aren't always blue. And to celebrate this thought, Mr, Kulot and I decided to try another restaurant located at 2nd floor JCentre Mall - BBQ Chicken and Beer.

Cheeseling Chicken - BBQ Chicken and Beer

I remember we passed by the said establishment a few months ago, but that was just to take some pictures of little Akisa.

We were warmly greeted by one of the staff who was standing outside showcasing their menu. We took our seats and scanned through the menu.

BBQ Chicken and Beer

BBQ Chicken and Beer

BBQ Chicken and Beer
What immediately caught my attention was the Spicy Dduk-bokki. It looks so much like the topokki from Topokki Man. I ordered one while Mr. Kulot is still busy going over the menu.
BBQ Chicken and Beer
Just do EAT!
It took us quite a while to decide on what else to order. Thankfully, the waiter came to the rescue! He asked what our taste preferences are and recommended some dish based on it.

While waiting for the food, I looked around the restaurant. It feels cozy. I love the "brick-designed" walls with a few frames hanging on it. The frames, by the way, contains inspirational and humorous quotes. Didn't took a photo, sorry. It somehow gives a vintage yet an acoustic Friday vibe.
I'd love to have this on the kitchen or dining room :)
If only they're working.... and if only I have my own kitchen. Lol.
However, the music didn''t really complement with that "acoustic-Friday" vibe. They seem to play anything random from pop to Jadine songs. Well, as long as the music doesn't really disturb the whole dining experience, it's fine. :)

Just like any other restaurants, they first served us our drinks - Green Apple Ade.
Green Apple Ade - BBQ Chicken and Beer
Green Apple Ade
It is served in a cute mini pitcher which is good for two people.
BBQ Chicken and Beer
We're not really allowed to drink directly from a pitcher but tonight's an exception.
And oh! Look behind me. Those are the frames I was talking about.
The piquant taste reminds me of the ice candy pop I used to love back when I was a kid. Its flavor seems to make suksuk in my taste buds in a good way.

The next to be served is the Spicy Dduk-bokki which I was so excited to try!
Spicy Dduk-bokki - BBQ Chicken and Beer
Spicy Dduk-bokki
The spicy dduk-bokki consists of rice cakes with sweet and spicy sauce topped with egg and a few strips of nori. It tastes slightly (with emphasis on slight) similar with topokki, only that this gives more of a seafood flavor. The waiter said it's a bit spicy.. but it's very spicy for me! XD

Next came the Paris Chicken.
Paris Chicken - BBQ Chicken and Beer
Paris Chicken
I have to apologize I couldn't give much of an informative review over this dish. Though I feel the meat is flavorful (as what Mr. Kulot said), my tongue is still suffering from the spiciness of the dduk-bokki.

The last to be served is the Cheeseling Chicken.
Cheeseling Chicken - BBQ Chicken and Beer
Cheeseling Chicken
My taste buds were quite relieved now so I was able to taste this one very well. Its taste isn't something too far from ordinary fried chicken but what makes this different is the cheese flavor added to it... through cheese powder!

Well, I love cheese but I'm not a fan of cheese powders. So I removed the skin and just enjoyed this dish. :)

Oh! And I had to commend the salad as side dish! It's nam nam!

BBQ Chicken and Beer
Big eater!
Mr. Kulot and I had a very fulfilling dinner. We weren't able to finish everything so we brought them home to share with the rest of the family.
BBQ Chicken and Beer
I look so happy *and full* here. Parang nanalo lang? Haha!
So what to do to celebrate?
Do EAT at BBQ Chicken and Beer👍

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  1. Sheila would love it here. She's a pasta girl. :)

    1. Hi, Team Sweetie~!
      I hope I'd catch you next time on one of your food trips. :D hihi.

      Dili man kaau ko sa katkat so basig sa kaon2 nlng ninu ta magkahimamat :D