Going Korean at Topokki Man and Sulbing Dessert Cafe

by - September 05, 2016

It's been a while since our group of girl friends "jumz" hang out and this is the perfect time to meet up again since Shiela just had her birthday and Mindy will be having hers, too. This calls for a pre and post-birthday celebrations!

Ayisharu - Sulbing Dessert Cafe

One of our dear celebrants love Asian food, so for this "trip", we're going to Korea! Haha, kidding! Just some lunch and dessert to some Korean restaurant and cafe.

We, together with our significant others, planned to meet up at Topokki Man to have our lunch there.
We were the last to arrive so they already ordered for us.
For lunch, we had Kimbap, Set of Frieds, Dakkangjeong, Spicy Pork and my all-time favorite, Topokki with Cheese!

I really didn't take much photos of the food since we're really very hungry. I've been to the establishment a lot of times already, too, and I think I've already got enough food photos. :)

There was a slight change from my last visit, though. They already removed the photos and doodles previously placed on the tables. Maybe they're cleaning the tables or something, I don't really think those were just thrown away since those are precious memories of Topokki Man. :) Maybe they're just kept somewhere or will be placed again sometime soon.
Ayisharu - Topokki Man
After a slight torture of my taste buds with all the spiciness (note: I have low tolerance for spicy foods) and actually enjoying gobbling up the food, I was already full. I really love Topokki ♥ 
The rest of the girls were even teasing me saying I am really a suki to Topokki Man. Well, yes. Yes. I am! :)

After we had our fill, we decided to have dessert at Sulbing Dessert Cafe - a Korean cafe.

We ordered Tiramisu and Mango Cheesecake.

Mango Cheesecake - Sulbing

Tiramisu - Sulbing
Mango cheesecake is my favorite from their menu. It is a must-try!

The presentation is always lovely.
Ice is finely crushed, too. The only thing to do now before consuming (asides from taking photos) these desserts is to carefully mix the ingredients - which turned out to be a little messy. Haha! Too many spoons doing the mixing and too much laughter from the ones mixing.

Ayisharu - Sulbing Dessert Cafe

Ayisharu - Sulbing Dessert Cafe
See the smiles on our faces?

Happy birthday, lovies ♥ I hope everyone enjoyed our little visit to Korea. :D Hahaha.

Topokki Man is located at Rosedale Talamban.

Sulbing Dessert Cafe is located at Ground Floor Gaisano Country Mall.

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  1. Topokki Man! Ako perme ginaorder dira kay bibimbap ug kimbap ug topokki. Yummy!