Coffee Jelly Dessert - Simple Dessert, Big Achievement

by - September 06, 2016

Chapter 1: The Story

After our previous attempt in making coffee jelly dessert, I was more than eager to try it again and get it right this time.

My mom helped, too. (I really thank God for mothers. We don't have them in Never Land.)

Chapter 2: The Ingredients

  • coffee-flavored gelatin
  • condensed milk

Chapter 3: Creating the Coffee Jelly Dessert

What made our previous attempt a failure is we did not read the instructions very well. 
  1. Make the jelly. Follow very carefully the instructions found on the box or pack. 
  2. When jelly solidifies, add condensed milk. Amount depends on your preference.

Chapter 4: Eating Time

This one is best served when chilled.
We got the taste just right! Just the way I wanted it to be. :D

Coffee Jelly Dessert
The presentation may not be very nice cause I don't have a molder but getting the right taste is such a big achievement for me. :)

Chapter 5: Lessons Learned and Extra Tips

Even the simplest of ingredients can make delectable desserts!

Use a molder so that it would presentable. Haha.

Even I, who can only boast of sunny side-up eggs, can learn to make desserts if I just put my heart into it. :)

The simplest things can be a step to greater things.

Moms are the best!

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