Busog sa Red House Taiwan Shabu-Shabu

by - September 22, 2016

Ako busog, ikaw busog, siya busog sa Shabu-shabu!
Shabu-shabu is a popular Asian hot pot dish consisting of vegetables, seafood and slices of meat.
The food is cooked over boiling water with the pot placed in the middle of the table. The diners do the cooking.
Red House Taiwan Shabu-shabu
RH Set A
Red House Taiwan Shabu-shabu
RH Set B
Red House Taiwan Shabu-shabu
Aren't they cute? Who would want to eat these?
We usually order set A or B which already includes a variety of vegetables, seafood and other kinds of meat and balls. The "meat balls" aren't familiar to me so I'll just be leaving some photos of the menu here for reference.

I had to be honest that the first time I tried it, I was like "What is this? Oh my gosh, how do I eat this? Is this even edible?"

It wasn't love at first taste, but the weird thing is, it's something that I'm craving to eat again!

To add to the experience, I could make my own sauce, too. The following can be mixed according to your taste preference:

  • sate sauce - I don't really add this. Its strong flavor leaves an after-taste and neutralizes the spiciness. But I do add this to my rice separately.
  • soy sauce 
  • chili oil
  • yansoy
  • spring onions
  • white onions - This consists most of my sauce! Nam nam!
  • garlic
  • vinegar

Here's a sample of my sauce. 

Red House Taiwan Shabu-shabu
Garlic, spring onions, white onions, chili (only a little), more white onions, vinegar, soy sauce and more white onions!
I eventually came to love it! Even the smell of the place already feels welcoming (note: my nose is really sensitive, so I'm quite choosy with places that has strong smell XD).

Annnnd! They give out free dessert for bills at least Php2000!

Red House Taiwan Shabu-shabu
This is my Coffee Jelly Dessert inspiration!
I would gladly come back to this restaurant.. if only my wallet is more supportive. (lol)

Yay or Nay? My bulging tummy says "YAY!"

Red House Taiwan Shabu-shabu is located at AS Fortuna St. Bakilid Mandaue City near Allure Hotel & Suites.

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