Y2000: Say "Cheese" to the Smallest Camcorder

by - August 03, 2016

I actually bought a mini camcorder and I'm not really sure why. Haha!

Haven't really put it to a decent use except adding it as a prop to some of my photos.

Because of that, some of my friends are now asking about it. I will be answering some of those questions here. :)

The camera is called Y2000, by the way.

Y2000 mini camcorder

Can it really take photos?

Yes, it CAN. It can even record videos and can be used as a webcam. Resolution is 2 megapixels.

How much?

I got it for Php550 only. I bought this from my brother's friend. This can also be bought online. Just search for Y2000 mini camcorder.

Does it have bluetooth or wireless functionality?

What? No. The package does come with a cord, a sling and a neat keyholder chain.

Is it wide-view?

Uhm. No. The subject of the photo is zoomed, though.

Is it water-proof?

Oh my gosh! This isn't some action camera. No, it's not waterproof.

Any sample shots?

Photo taken by Y2000 mini camcorder
Here you go! This is a raw photo taken by using the camera as a webcam. No filter, no watermark, no edits. Just raw.

Got to have nice lighting for better quality photos.

How to use it? It doesn't have lots of buttons.

That's right. In fact, there is only one button.
  • Turn on - press on the shutter for two seconds. The red LED light then comes on indicating the device is already on. 
  • Take a photo - press the shutter for one second. The LED light would blink once. 
  • Record video - press the shutter for two seconds. The LED light would then keep on blinking signifying that it is currently recording. To stop recording, press on the shutter again.
  • Turn off - press and hold the shutter for four seconds. The LED light would blink three times and go off.
  • Use as webcam - connect the camera to a computer. This will treat the camera as an external storage device. Press the shutter once and the camera will be treated as a webcam.

The camera froze! What to do?

There are times when the camera would suddenly stop responding. Panic not. Use a pointy (but not too pointy) object to press the hole found on the upper right of the camera. This is the reset button.

Y2000 mini camcorder

How to remove the timestamp?

Well, that's my problem, too. Let me know if you find a solution. ;)

Anything else you want to add?
Feel free to hit the comments section.

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  2. Hehe! That's pretty cute. Too small for our taste though. But who knows? We may use it to spy on someone. LOL!