Gift Idea: Caricatures by Ranvic

by - August 23, 2016

Looking for ideas on what gift to give to a loved one?

Why not try giving them a comic version of themselves through caricatures! :D

Caricature is a picture or representation of a person or thing in which striking characteristics are exaggerated to give it a comic or grotesque effect.

It is artsy and gives off a personalized vibe. The whole picture is carefully made to match the person(s) it is depicting. It is fun and creative, too, in a sense that whatever concept you have in mind can be applied. Want to appear like a mermaid? No problem :D

Give Ranvic* Caricatures a chance to make your beloved extra special.

I just got ours - a picture of our little family going water rafting. Hahah! Maybe we'd actually do that soon. XD
Water Rafting - Ranvic Caricatures

You can contact them or see more of their works on Facebook .

The caricature already comes with a frame. :)

Price and Size: **
  • Php350 - 8" x 11"
  • Php800 - 12" x 16/19"

* Ranvic - combined name of Randolf and Marivic
** Prices and sizes are subject to change.

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