Topokki Man

by - July 22, 2016

I've been in love with Topokki Man since 2011, and it actually makes me wonder why I haven't written anything about it on this blog until now.

Today I will be sharing my personal favorites.

Topokki Man - Topokki with Cheese
Topokki with Cheese (Php 180)
* Regular Topokki - Php 130
* wuth cheese - add Php 50
Topokki is a Korean snack made of rice cakes dipped in sweet spicy sauce, topped with spices, hard-boiled egg and a couple of wanton crisps. Toppings could also be added depending on preference. As for me and my SO, we always order it with mozzarella cheese.

I love how chewy and cheesy the rice cakes are. Though I have low tolerance for spicy food, I could finish a whole bowl of this, myself. That's how I love this dish! This is a MUST-EAT every time we visit the restaurant.

Topokki Man - Dumplings
Dumplings (Php 20)
Topokki is also best when paired with their set of frieds (Php 130).

Extra tip: If you have enough sauce left, you could order rice to mix with it.

Topokki Man - Ramen
Ramen with egg (Php 100)
Their ramen is served with a free complementary dish. This time we had kimchi.

Topokki Man - Kimchi
You could also choose to have a veggie salad instead.

Topokki Man - Babyroll
Babyroll (Php 70)
For a non-spicy dish, we had babyroll - their maki version without the mango.

And for dessert, tadaan~
Topokki Man - Mango Float
Mango Float (Php 80)

Other than the food, the ambiance is welcoming, artsy and fun. The walls have polaroid pictures and their tables have personalized messages and doodles from customers.

The owner is very accommodating and even waits for the customers, himself. There was one time he gave my daughter free ice cream! Thank you!!

Topokki Man also offers value meals they call USC (Unanimous Student's Choice).

Yay or Nay? Topokki Man would alwaaaays be a big YAY!

Topokki Man is located at Rosedale Suites, Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue, Talamban, Cebu and opens from Mondays to Saturdays 11AM to 11PM.

They also accept deliveries (except on Sundays). Contact them at 032 3456701.

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  1. Wow wow wow~~ thank you so much for your friendly concerns~!😁 thank you for being one of our cool customers.

    1. thank YOU for the delicious foods 😁 nam nam!! Topokki Man will always be my one and only Korean love ❤️

  2. Topokki Man is one of my favorite Korean restaurants in Cebu too! I always have their kimbap, topokki, and bibimbap. Yummy!