Globe Telecom: Unposted Payment

by - October 26, 2015

Though I promised myself to spare this blog from all the drama, I just cannot help but pour out my frustrations into writing. So I am very sorry blog. I'll be making this quick.

I got an additional line from Globe. The handset was delivered last September 1 via Air21.

Here's a screen shot of our conversation via SMS with the courier.

I handed the courier Php5800 (Php999 Advanced Monthly Service Fee + Php4800 Cashout for the handset). The courier then gave me the one-peso change and the receipt.

Although it was mentioned on the courier's receipt that I would receive an OFFICIAL RECEIPT via email after 20 working days, I did not. So I checked on the Globe website to make sure.

And tadaaan! The amount reflected on the site is NOT the actual amount that I paid!

I raised this concern over to Twitter because I know how active the Globe Twitter agents are.

But this has just frustrated me more! Please see below for a series of I-had-to-start-over-from-the-beginning-even-if-they-told-me-they-have-the-updates conversations. UGH! Just for the lack of proper term.

And there! Patti of Globe did send me a reference number for followup of my concern.
However, I feel that I cannot trust the Twitter agents to handle this.

This time, I called customer service wherein the agent told me that the resolution they had for my problem was to REPRINT THE RECEIPT.

REPRINT WHAT!? The same amount of Php5399!? So I clarified to her that my concern is I got an unposted payment of Php400. She left me on dead air for more than five minutes! When she got back on the line, she told me she made a follow-up report on this and I should wait for 24-48 hours for a feedback.

 A couple of days has passed, still there's no update. I tried live chat this time and below is the transcript of our conversation.

And up until today, I am still not getting any feedback.

I am really frustrated right now.

Has anybody else experienced this?
Let me know on the comments section below.

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