How Real is the Real World?

by - April 06, 2015

Yay! It's that time of the year again when some of our dear friends will finally march their way to success and receive that much worked for diploma.

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That scent of "FREEDOM" from all school duties!
That moment where you're so excited to throw that graduation hat the same way you would always see it in the movies!


Finally!!! Ariel happened to me...

And then everyone's there with wide smiles saying,

"Congratulations!!" THANK YOU

"I am so proud of you!" I AM TOO HAHA

"You finally made it!" YEAH! THAAANKS!!!

"Welcome to the real world!!" 

And the lively background music stops the moment you hear those last words.

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What do people really mean?

Am I living in a fake world all this time?

Why do they make it sound so exciting yet frightening at the same time?

How real is this real world they are talking about?

What I am going to share in this article are the things I have personally experienced during my own "marching on" moment - mixed feelings of happiness, anxiety and depression.

Here are some of the things and dilemmas I experienced when I first stepped into the real world.

When will I start working?

Or better yet, the right question was "Should I really need to start working immediately?"
I mean, come on. I just graduated! Let me enjoy first! Enjoy what!?

At first, I did not dwell much on the idea, but honestly, I am a little scared of relatives who will pressure me sometime soon if I don't get a job yet.

I'm pretty sure they'll be like, "Why have you not applied for a job yet? It will be a waste of time if blah blah blah's"

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And then, I've got the trouble of even creating a presentable CV.

What do I even write?

Who will I put as reference?

What trainings and extracurricular activities should I include?

Should I really have to add what my parents' occupations are?

Luckily (yea maybe), I was hired right away by the company where I had my internship.
I started my first job a month after I graduated.

I can't control my own free time! Pfft.

Is what I instantly felt when I signed the employment contract with my first job.

I was then left there - with pouted lips - comparing college life and the "professional" life.

In college, I've got to choose my own schedule.
Heck, I could even have a four-hour breaktime if I want to.

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with a slight edit in the labels

Not in the office!
They'll strictly keep track of all my log in's and log out's.
Even absences need approval. Ugh!

Earn own income - no more allowance.

This was something I was so excited about working.

My own money! Yay!!

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But then again, because of the same reason that I am earning my own money, my parents are not giving me allowance anymore. Huhuhu

I was actually a bit lucky though that I was not pressured right away to help pay bills or anything.
So that time, I felt "WOW! I have my money all for myself!!!!" that I always spend dinners outside.

Thinking of it now makes me realize I could have used it for something more useful that time.
But anyway, yea. That's it.

But if you aren't too lucky such as myself, you might be obliged to help pay with the monthly bills (and remember, no more allowance!)

Missing college (or school days).

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Sometimes (or actually, most of the times! Haha) I find myself missing my college friends - and surprisingly, even my college professors and subjects!

I get that it-will-never-be-the-same-again feeling - as if I had just broken up with someone whom I had a relationship for the longest time. And the funny thing is that I have never really been in a very long relationship until now HA!

I was even thinking of getting my masters degree just to be in school again.
But yea.

It. Will. Never. Be. The. Same.

Work-Life Balance.

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As someone who was just hired for her first job, I had to struggle in keeping my attitude professional at the office while also trying hard to keep my personal life alive.

And then I have to make sure even my social media accounts need to be "professional-looking" because that's what my mother always says.

Bosses would always take time to search you in the internet and see what things their employees are saying about them.

Well, maybe in my case, it was not really that hard since our working environment back then was just as lax as during my internship days and everyone was just so friendly.

Again, maybe I was just so lucky.

Being offered with different kinds of "opportunities".

Okay, so now that I have started earning my own income, everyone seems to want me take some kind of investment, insurance or whatever they call it.

Honestly, by this time, all I ever want is to enjoy (enjoy what!?)! I have not the slightest idea of these investments-thingy.

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When presented with these documents, I feel like "Oh my gosh! This is so scary! I don't know if this is a good thing or not." Yeah, like honestly! I feel as if this kind of things are just for people who are already at their late 30's or when they reach a certain position or something.

Then there's this offer that I could get a credit card for free and I'm just like "Wow! Credit card! This might help me FEEL more professional!" NOT!

But hey! It's really important you get financially educated! The earlier the better.

And don't just sign into anything without thinking much about it. JUST. DON'T.

So there!

Those are some of the things I have experienced when I graduated.
For some this may not be the case, especially those that need to take some board examinations and stuffs.

How about you?

What does the real world look to you when you just graduated?

Leave your message on the comments section and might as well get featured on this blog post!

God bless!

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