Enjoy Summer Without Quitting Your Job

by - April 24, 2015

Everybody's been posting their summer pictures at the beach, on mountains, on expensive resorts and basically anywhere summery (tagged with #summer2015)!

Green Lagoon (Compostela)
Source: Instagram (ayisharu)

And you're there sitting on your workstation having to work for 40 hours (or more!) a week!

You prolly end up thinking you'll miss the summer fun.

But hey! That shouldn't be the case.

Here are some things you could do to enjoy the season without having to quit your job.

Wear something comfortable.

Stop getting envious of people wearing bikini at the beach. Instead, focus on getting comfortable this summer even while working in the office.

It doesn't have to be that Hawaiian polo shirt Pong (Coco Martin) wears on the movie You're My Boss to feel so summery, it just needs to be something comfortable for the season.

You may want to check out Zalora's collection of comfortable jeans to match with that cool shirt for a perfect OOTD.
Or maybe it's time you'd pull out that cute summer dress of yours, give off the summer vibes and still look professional at work.

Treat yourself.

Just because you're not in the beach does not mean you don't deserve some summer treats.

Get yourself some smoothie, desserts, or try this new mixture of fresh fruits with milk and ice cream! Nam!

Sugbo's Knicker Bocker (Talamban)
Instagram (ayisharu)
Brownie ala Mode (Dessert Factory)
Instagram (ayisharu)

Orange Freeze (Pancake House)
Instagram (ayisharu)

If you're feeling a little sleepy at work, go out and get yourself some cold frappuccino.

Mocha Frappe (Starbucks)
Instagram (ayisharu)

Go somewhere new on rest days.

You may not be able to go somewhere really far because your rest days may not be enough for the travel.

But hey! There are still lots of places nearby that you have not really explored yet.

Try taking a quick stroll to that park not many people know about.

Senen's Mountain Resort (Liloan, Cebu)
Instagram (ayisharu)

Gather with your closest friends for dinner after your shift.

Despite of the busy schedule, you should always take time to catch up with the latest chika's over dinner.

Kublai Khan (Ayala Center Cebu)

The food may always taste good but it would always taste better if you're eating with your friends.

And maybe get a glass of cold wine afterwards.

La Vie Parisienne (Lahug, Cebu)

Learn to appreciate what is around you.

Do not wait for you to be on an expensive resort to appreciate the beauty around.

God has made the world so beautifully.

Oakridge Business Park (Banilad, Cebu)

Look around and get ready to be marveled at things you would see.

Oakridge Business Park (Banilad, Cebu)

Take a quick dip on weekends.

Ok, let's face it.
You really want to go swimming on summer.

Well, good thing that there are already lots of resorts that are just on the city-proper such as Cebu Westown Lagoon.

Cebu Westown Lagoon (Mandaue, Cebu)
Cebu Westown Lagoon (Mandaue, Cebu)

Or take a short ride north to many more resorts.

Socorro Beach Resort (Danao, Cebu)

Green Lagoon (Compostela, Cebu)

You really don't need to go that far to have a quick dip.

But if you really want to go somewhere far away (in a limited time),  you could consider travelling south to see more breathtaking views.

This kind of trips doesn't consume much of your time and you could already enjoy a quick summer break in just two (2) days!

Cartagena Beach Walk Resort (Alcoy, Cebu)
Source: Instagram (ayisharu)

These are just some tips on enjoying summer even without having to quit your job or taking a vacation leave.

I, personally, have plans on going back to Camotes, and maybe Bohol but since I've got no vacation leaves available yet, I'm sticking with these tips for now. And really, I'm still enjoying my summertime!

I've also known some friends who are into mountain-climbing and I think it's just awesome! You might also want to try that one.

Do you have anything to add?

Please feel free to leave a message on the comments section.

God bless and enjoy summer!

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