Dream: Unwanted

by - April 07, 2015


I am writing this on the 7th of April.

Well, I was not really going to write anything today but I just had the most disturbing dream... ever.

Maybe you're guessing it's about me being unwanted and all because of my blog title.

But, no.

This is not about me.

This has nothing to do with my life right now.

This is about the unwanted children.

Children whose parents could not even love and accept them.

I can't even have the courage to search for a photo for this part.

So just like in any usual dreams, it all started somewhere unfamiliar with people I don't even know who.

But then all I know is that when I am still in my dreams, I kind of know them and it kind of have a reason why I am with these people.

We were on the hospital and there's this woman who had just given birth.

She said she never really wanted the child and so she wants to do the "procedure".

The so-called procedure is to bathe the newborn with vinegar.

The vinegar would slowly burn the newborn until he "melts"... literally.

It was really sad and painful... and I was just there!

I wanted to convince them not to go through with it, but it seems I have no control over myself.

I can't speak to them.

I can't reason out.

I just stood there and watched.

I can hear the baby cry.


I can't explain how I feel.

I am sad. Angry. I don't know!

And then I closed my eyes because I can't take this harsh "reality" that some parents could do this to their child.

Just then, I woke up.

I saw my daughter beside me and I hugged her tight.


I am writing this article so that people would realize that what they're doing to an unborn child is no different from the born ones.

NO to abortion.


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