by - March 09, 2015

Last Friday night (March 06, 2015), Cubbi went missing.

I am writing this article in the hopes that whoever sees him, or knows where he is, please let us know.
Or maybe at least, please relay this message to whoever has him now.

I've included a picture below to show what he looks like.

Contact Numbers:
0925 503 3966
236 4101

Who is Cubbi?

Cubbi is our pet shih tzu.

The first time he arrived home, he can never get off the basket by himself.

He was scared of getting down the stairs.

He used to wait for Anne (my sister) to come home because he won't sleep if she isn't back yet.

He used to poop on my green sofa bed.

He has his own space in the bed.

He survived Parvo.

He can get everyone crazy when he farts.

He quickly grew.

He is no longer scared of getting down the stairs.

He loves to run around.

He loves hugs.

He likes it when someone tickles his tummy.

He loves to cuddle.

He used to "dig" on the bed to bury any food he's got.

He loves to play with the children.

He went whaleshark-watching with us.

He loves joy rides.

He is not just a dog.

He is family.

To that person who has Cubbi now.

If ever you have no intention of returning him and just want to keep him, we would just like to request the following.

Please take good care of our Cubbi.

And to add some extra notes:

He loves to sleep when the room is cool.
He likes lechon belly so make sure you're going to give him some every once in a while.
Please do not give him chocolates.
He barks a lot when he needs something so make sure you're going to attend to him immediately.
He needs to be well-groomed.
He eats grass when he's not feeling well, so if he does that, make sure to check if he's okay.
He doesn't like popcorn.

Thank you.

We're still hoping for Cubbi to come home as soon as possible.

I pray that Cubbi is in safe hands.


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