Annoying Things on the Month of FEB-Ibig

by - February 06, 2015

They say that when it's February, it is the month of "hearts". The time when people show their affection and gratitude to their partners. The time to celebrate love.

But all I see are people craving for chocolates and flowers!
People expecting movie-like surprise dates.
People wanting someone to be their valentine.


Being someone who easily gets annoyed by a lot of things, I've got my own personal list of annoying things during February.

** Happens only on a particular date: Valentines Day (February 14)

Single people posting how they hate Valentines.

It's that time of the year when my Facebook news feed, my inbox, twitter, and everything gets flooded with all these ALONE-THIS-VALENTINE-POSTS-AND-MESSAGES.
And they are all posted by people who are not committed to any "official" romantic relationship.

Source: Google images
They keep on posting "Lovers be dating on Valentines. I be here sitting and watching movie all alone. F*#% Valentines!! "

Ohmygosh. And I be like "It's not like you're single ONLY on Valentines. You've been single the entire time so please stop broadcasting it to the world."

Girls demanding for flowers and chocolates.

I accidentally read a message from this one girl who said "Please give me flowers on Valentines."
And I was like "Okay, she must be kidding."

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When Valentines Day was nearing, she messaged again, "Please do not forget my flowers. Send it to the office. :) Thank you!"

And I was like "Ohmygosh! I'm pretty sure you were also asking flowers from a lot of other guys! For what!? So that when the flowers arrive, people would think you've got a bunch of suitors!? Just ohmygosh! How desperate can you be?"

People who start contacting ex-lovers.

Ex-lovers who suddenly text and say, "How are you?" when Valentines Day is coming is obviously just looking for someone to make out with during the said date.

Need not say more.

Source: Google images

People changing their FB status to "In a Relationship". **

Source: Google images

Please. We all know you're not really in a relationship. So please.

Girlfriends expecting extravagant surprises from their boyfriends.

I find it annoying when I hear some girls whining over how their boyfriends have not given them a bouquet of roses like everyone else has.
How their boyfriends did not bring them to a romantic dinner under the light of the moon like everyone else did.
How their boyfriends did not buy them expensive chocolates and blah blah blah.
Source: Google images
Just annoying.

Girls saying they are not expecting any surprises.

I find it annoying when girls suddenly blurt out "Oh, I don't really expect anything this Valentines!" even if no one was actually asking them.

Please. We all know you do.

People posting how lonely their Valentines will be in hopes of getting a date.

Seriously. Do you think you'll get a date on Valentines if you keep on posting how pathetic your life is right now? Just ugh.
Source: Google images

Long queues at restaurants. **

I used to eat dinner out every time my shift ends.
But when it's Valentines, there are always very long waiting lines outside of almost every restaurant.

Source: Google images

And it's not like everyone inside is not yet done eating. They're just not done with their lovey-dovey and selfie / photo-taking sessions!

Ohmygosh. And I'm here starving. Tsss.

Heavy traffic. **

All I want is to go home and have dinner since it's oh-so-crowded at restaurants.
But no!
I'm here. Stuck in traffic. Starving.

Single ladies posting Valentine presents with a caption "You know who you are :)". **

This kind of post just wants to intrigue curious friends. You just want them to think you've got a secret Valentine.
Source: YouQueen
If it's not something you bought for yourself, it's either your relatives and girl friends gave it to you or you got it from an exchanging gifts party.

People posting how annoyed they are with February or Valentines.

Yea, I know right. XD

Godspeed ;)

This post is purely for fun only.
No need to get butthurt. :)

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