Why I Love Online Shopping

by - November 24, 2014

I never really liked shopping up until I knew that I could do it online.
Since then, I have been an active online shopper and eventually created my own online shop, Cebu Online Shopper.

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Here are some of the reasons why I love shopping stuffs online.

Shopping at the comfort of my own home.
I hate going to crowded places with people pushing around. This has become one of the main reasons why I never liked going to department stores.

But with online shopping, I could just lie around at home (or basically anywhere) and browse stuffs using my computer or even with just my phone.

Comparing prices is easier.
Sometimes, some stores have much cheaper prices for a similar item than with the other stores.
I find it a hassle to go over these stores and go back to that one store that has the lowest price.

In online shopping, it is easier to compare prices as I could visit two or more stores at the same time.

Shop items from different parts of the country.
It is a great way to check for items that are not yet available in my local area.

As of this writing, I was able to buy items from Manila, Cavite and Paranaque without having to go to the said places.

Different brands in one store.
Through online shopping, I can choose items of different brands with just a single online shop, such as Zalora which offers a wide range of fashionable clothing from different brands.

Easily sort out depending on my preference.
When shopping, I always look for items with the lowest prices first.

This feature is offered by some online retailers wherein I could choose to sort items by their prices, by popularity, by discounts or even sort by new arrivals.

A gift from me to me.
One of the joys of online shopping is when your package arrives, it feels as if I just received a gift from myself. The excitement of unpacking is there.

Special discounts.
By special discounts, I meant the ones that could only be obtained when one has a promo code.
It is not available for everyone, but the feeling of being able to avail of such a discount is something.

Buy, sell and swap.
Online shopping is not limited to just buying and selling items. It is also open for swaps!

I, myself, had already done a lot of swapping transactions wherein I exchange my item with another item from a different shop.

Opportunity to have an online business.
Because of online shopping, I was inspired to start my own online business as well. Some online shops, like Instant Fashion Business, offers reselling opportunities with a minimum or no capital at all.

There are a lots of pro's to online shopping! But online shopping also requires one to be very vigilant and careful with making transactions online.

I would always check feedback and reviews before purchasing anything online and even frequently checks #bogusph on Instagram.

Online shopping is fun! But make sure it is also safe.

Happy shopping, lovies :)

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