Dream: Lost in the City. The Hill.

by - October 31, 2014

Date of dream: October 31, 2014

The city.

I was driving on my way to Ayala.
I was coming from the south and had to take the highway route.

I remember that I had to take one left turn in order to reach my destination.
I just kept on driving and driving.
I still haven't seen the turn.

I decided to go back, maybe I had not noticed it.

Still driving.. and driving.. and driving.

But I still cannot see the turn.

That's when I realized I was lost.

I just kept on going on, hoping I could reach some place familiar.
Well, at that stage, I was not driving anymore - I was already walking.

I continued to walk.

I noticed a very small road, something only one person could enter.
Maybe that's why in my dream, I had to lose my car.

I decided to walk myself towards there.

I noticed that the road is going uphill.

Upon walking, I found it much "greener".
It seems just like what "probinsyas" would look like.

There was this part with a gate.
I tried getting myself in but it seems I am not allowed.

I continued walking up.. and up.

There was this unexplainable joy.

A feeling of peace.

Even if it seems I was the only person there, I was not lonely.

There were no worries.

I was secured.

That moment a thought came into me.

"Tell the Lord what you desire."

I then found myself speaking of all things I usually pray for.

I was speaking of my family, of world peace, of equality of men, women, rich and poor, and all other things I have not realized I may have secretly desired.

When I finished, I found myself on the very top of this mysterious hill.

I saw the whole city.

It seems I am on top of it all.

I am no longer lost.

I began walking downhill so I could go back to the city.

Suddenly, some inner voice tells me, "Do not forget."

I stopped before reaching the city grounds.

It's as if the feeling of getting back to reality suddenly struck me.

I want to turn around and go back to the hill.

I turned back.

And then...

I woke up.

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