Relationships: Is the One You are With THE ONE?

by - September 25, 2014

Is the person you are dating now the one you want to spend your lifetime with?

Or are you just playing around and try to see if things would work out?
How would you know if you should need to stop playing and start being serious?
I am not being a miss-know-it-all here or being Dr. Love but let me share to you a few points or questions of how I could say that my partner is the one.

Can you imagine waking up next to him/her every morning?
No makeup, messy hair, bad breath, morning glory and everything you try to hide from your partner on your dates shall no longer be a secret. That also goes with your partner as well - you get to see him/her on the same state.

Can you accept your partner despite all the criticisms from family and friends?
Your relationship can never please everyone. You will hear negative feedback from family and friends. The important thing is, you know for yourself that you know your partner better than they do so their comments won't affect how you see your partner.

Are you willing to forgive past faults and move on?
It is important to heal wounds by forgiveness. In a relationship, bringing up past mistakes means these matters aren't truly healed.

Will you still love and wait for your partner despite the distance?
One simple way to know if you can stand the distance is when your partner is not around, you are not out there looking for somebody else's attention.

Do you work together well?
As they always say, "Chemistry". You and your partner are able to work things out together just fine. When problems arise, you both work out to fix things, not worsen them.

Will you still love your partner when he/she grows old?
Growing old means wrinkles, white hair, losing teeth, loose skin, getting bald, etc. If you and your partner are truly in love, you would overlook all the physical "aging" stuffs.

Are you truly yourself when you're together?
You don't need to pretend to be someone else just to please your partner. If there is one thing I understood about love, it is about accepting someone for who and what they truly are.

Will you say "yes" if your partner asks for your hand?
Financial and other stuffs aside, what would you answer if your partner suddenly asks you if you want to marry him/her?

If most of your answers above is "YES", then HOORAY!
Guess you have found the ONE. ;)

But take note that each individual has their own standards for their "the one".
"The ONE" does not need to be perfect.
"The ONE" does not need to be your ideal guy or girl.

"The ONE" is just the person you feel that is the one truly meant for you and the one you want to spend the rest of your lifetime with.

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Everything written on this article is based on personal experiences and observations. This article is highly opinionated and not based on any kind of "official" research and survey.

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