Dream: The Scene. The Naughty Niece. The Hut.

by - July 22, 2014

A dream.

I was walking on a cemented ground and on my left side was the beach. It looks so beautiful, though the ocean really seems empty (no ship or boats).
The horizon was very clear and the color of the ocean was light blue (not the usual dark blue).

There were four people kneeling on the cemented ground - three adults and one boy. They were like laying some stuffs on the ground like dried fish and shells.

As I was walking, I noticed some puddles on the cemented ground. The water on those spots were really very beautiful and I could see the reflection of the sky and myself. I decided to take out my iPod Touch to post a picture in Instagram. At the same time, a thought came into me that I should just borrow my boyf's phone since it has a better cam.

Just when I was about to take a picture, a naughty little girl just appeared and begin pushing me into the water.

I was running away and she kept on chasing me. Later on I just realized this is my older brother's daughter.

While I was being chased, the cemented ground turns into this kind of shape - # (the lines are the cemented ground and the spaces are water pools - uhm. just imagine the rice field)

The ocean is no longer there but the change of setting did not really bothered me in my dream, because... well, it's a dream!

Until a saw a small two-storey nipa hut.
My Uncle was standing by the door.
(Note: He is the deceased stepfather of my brother)

I just said "Uncle ou!" pointing at my naughty niece who was chasing me.

I entered the nipa hut and my uncle hugged my niece, so she stopped chasing me. I just went upstairs where I saw my parents who were changing clothes because they would want to go for a swim.

And then I woke up.

Note: If any of you knows the interpretation of this dream, please leave a message on the comments section.

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