Relationships: Why Am I Still Single

by - June 24, 2014

In a world filled with romantic movies, TV shows and books, almost everyone wants to experience being in a relationship. A lot wants to experience being in love and being loved in return. 

Yet, a lot of people still remain single.

A toast for all the single ladies and gents out there!
Here are some reasons why some people are not committed to a relationship yet.

Waiting for a Movie-kind of Love Story
Some people are too dreamy. They  wanted their special someones and their love stories to be exactly the same with the one from the movies.

Crush Has Someone Else
Basically, some remain single because the ones they wanted to end up with is in a relationship with someone else.

The love of their lives can't see them anything more than really good friends.

"Unofficially Yours"
People just settle with the "fling"-thing. No commitments.

Not Over It
While some are excited to meet someone in the future, others are still looking back, wanting to relive the past.

In a Fictional Relationship
This is different from people waiting for their own movie love story. These people are so in love with their idols that they can't be committed to anybody else.

Silently Waiting
Some people remain single because they're waiting for that someone (who they don't even talk to) to notice them.

No Apple in the Eye... yet!
This may be the simplest reason. One does not like anyone as of the moment.

Or this could also be another of those simplest reasons - their special someones don't feel the same way for them.

Inlove with Fam and Friends
Who needs a boyf or a girlf if there is already too much love coming from family and friends!

Busy with School / Career
For the busy bees, there is just no more time for loveydovey.

Too Many Choices
Why stick with one when you can date them all?

Some people are afraid to be in a relationship maybe because they are afraid of getting hurt *again*.

These are just some of the reasons why people are single. 

And no, I'm not saying being single is a bad thing. 
In fact, there is NOTHING wrong with being single! 

One can always find happiness and love even if they are not with their significant others yet. And it is really important to be happy with oneself rather than depending one's happiness on others.

So yay! Be happy! Enjoy the single life! Don't rush love because they'll come in God's time. And when that happens, stay happy and in love! ;)

Note: No official research has been done to authenticate this article. This is just based purely on personal experiences, observation and stories from other people.
If you wish to add more reasons, please feel free to leave a message on the comments section.

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  1. I miss you blog ya and this is article is awesome. ^_^

  2. hi kat!! haha i'd be posting more of this stuff soon! ;) d na ko magcgeg emo2 hahahaha

  3. Not Over It
    While some are excited to meet someone in the future, others are still looking back, wanting to relive the past.

  4. char! kang kinsa man ka wala ka`getover!?