Hi! I am a child of the Almighty Father.

Jessa by birth. Aya by choice.

I also see myself as an imaginary grown-up Wendy who came from an imaginary Never Land. Left and decided to stop escaping responsibilities and from reality itself.

I met my beloved SO (now my husband) who has seen both the best and the worst in me, yet still accepted me wholly.

We were then blessed with a beautiful daughter, and an ever cute son.

God has truly given me more than what I deserve.

I love to write about anything - food, places, family and experiences.

I also wish to write more stuffs about the struggles and challenges I face as a parent and all the lessons I learn of having a family of my own. :)

I easily get frustrated and emotional at almost anything, but I'm sparing this blog from all the rants and melodramatic posts from now on.

Live. Laugh. Love.

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