About the Blogger

Hi! I am a child of the Almighty Father.

Jessa by birth. Aya by choice.

I also see myself as an imaginary grown-up Wendy who came from an imaginary Never Land. Left and decided to stop escaping responsibilities and from reality itself.

I met my beloved SO (now my husband) who has seen both the best and the worst in me, yet still accepted me wholly.

We were then blessed with a beautiful daughter, and an ever cute son.

God has truly given me more than what I deserve.

I love to write about anything - food, places, family and experiences.

I also wish to write more stuffs about the struggles and challenges I face as a parent and all the lessons I learn of having a family of my own. :)

I easily get frustrated and emotional at almost anything, but I'm sparing this blog from all the rants and melodramatic posts from now on.

Live. Laugh. Love.

Why Out of Never Land

This blog is formerly known as "time waits for no one.." where I rambled about my imaginary journeys on some imaginary fairy tale world called Never Land.

Two things about Never Land: one can fly with pixie dust, and no one grows up.

I decided to leave to look for my own wings and to grow to be a better person.

Now my blog aims to talk more about family, parenting, and lifestyle, and serve as an outlet of my everyday musings as a mother and a wife.