Essential Thrombocytosis : To Breastfeed or Not

I have mentioned before in this blog that I was diagnosed with Essential Thrombocytosis. I had it way before I got pregnant with my second child. And even after I have given birth, I still have it.

Because of this condition, I was required to take some medication which leaves me one question: Should I continue breastfeeding or not?

Source: The Lullaby Trust

I breastfed my first child for 2 years until I got diagnosed with ET. Even if I was not told to stop breastfeeding, I decided to stop because I don't want my meds to affect her on any way. Besides, she could already eat solid food.

Now with my newborn, I really want to breastfeed him since we all know that breast milk is the best milk for babies. But then the pedia advised me to stop breastfeeding if my hema would tell me to continue with my meds.

I got a little depressed over the thought of not being able to breastfeed my little one even if I have sufficient milk supply. Talk about postpartum blues.

I joined groups of mommies who are breastfeeding advocates. It was then I knew that there is a site to check the compatibility of a certain medicine to breastfeeding.

Source: E-Lactancia
After reading, I got a glimmer of hope that I can still breastfeed my little one.
However, every time I go to my hema for checkups, my dosage gets higher and higher (as of this time, I have to take 2x a day for 6 days and 3x on the 7th day).

That's when I have come up with a decision: I just want to be a mom.

I want to be the mom who would always be there for her children. I want to be the mom who puts her children first before any advocacy. The kind of mom who just wants the best for her kids.

I would always prefer breast milk over formula but I also do not want to risk my little one. I don't want blood tests performed on him from time to time just because of some medicine I'm taking.

So to breastfeed or not should not matter for me now.
All I want is just the best for my little one.
I know breast milk is the best food for him, but not my milk.

To breastfeed or not?
Whatever the answer is won't make me any less of a mother to my child. :)


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