3 Things People Say that Pregnant Women Secretly Find Annoying

Aha! You've been mislead! Well, actually you're not.

This is not really a post about things pregnant women find annoying. Well, in a way, it really is.

This is just a list of things people say that I - the pregnant me - find annoying. I am too busy/lazy to interview other pregnant women, so this will be from my personal list.

You know how pregnant women are, we tend to become overly sensitive and irrational and may take offense over anything you do or say to us. And if there's anyone or anything to blame, it's the hormones! I tell you!!! It's the hormones!!!

You should be more mindful of your actions and of what you say to us, pregnant women. Yes, ikaw mag-adjust bes! Hahaha!

Seriously, though, let's leave the rest of the pregnant women alone. Here are three things people say that I secretly find annoying.

"You look like you're ready to pop!"
I find this really annoying when people asks "When are you due?" and I'm like "Oh, it's going to be on the last week of June." and they'll immediately say "But you look like you're going to give birth any minute now. I'm sure you'll give birth before June."

Are you seriously wishing for me to give birth prematurely!?

"Are you sure you're not having twins?"
Though I've always wanted twins (boy and girl), I still find it annoying when people insists that I am having one.. err, two. Even if they know that I've already had ultrasound to check, they would be like "Maybe the other baby is hiding."

"You're not eating enough." / "You're eating too much."
I think some people have hormonal problems, too! They make sure to always find something wrong - like what's their problem with my eating habit, anyway?

Please let me eat in peace!

~ * ~

Don't worry if you happen to tell me these things before.
I am such a forgiving person that I just let it slide.

And if you will accidentally tell me the same things again in the future, I won't slap you. I won't get mad at you. You will not see me annoyed.

I will show you my usual angelic face (hahaha).

I may just have strangled you in my thoughts, though.

Your annoyed pregnant friend


  1. Raise hands if you are guilty!!!
    *me raises two hands*
    I think I already died. in your thoughts though.. hahahaha
    Peace out!

    1. No, I didn't kill you in my thoughts. You were just forced to eat some delicious pork steak! :D

      Yum yum yum!

    2. I really liked your intro, swear, hahahaha! On a separate note, these things are noted :P


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