Once Upon a Fairy Tale

by - March 21, 2017

Once upon a time, a teenage girl named Wendy longed for adventure and romance. She felt like she was stuck in a reality she has no control over. She wanted to fly, go to places, and live a life full of wonders.

One day, she stumbled upon Never Land where she met her silver-haired prince. He has no name. She decided to call him Peter Pan.

Peter Pan showered her with pixie dust and the two traveled together to magical places. They had lots of fun in Never Land and they've seen so many wonderful things. 

"Everything is so wonderful.", Wendy thought.
"How can I grow my own wings so I won't depend on pixie dust anymore?", she asked.

"Nothing grows here. Not you, not me. Not anyone's wings. Not ever.", Peter Pan answered.

"Then what is the purpose of living here?", Wendy asked again.
"Fun! No problems, no responsibilities, no anything! Just fun.", Peter Pan answered.

But Wendy had enough of the fun. All the places they've been but she felt like she did not really reach anywhere. So she decided to leave bringing with her some treasures, her innocence, and her heart. She was determined to find someone who could help her grow her wings.

She went back to reality and met a man who can give good laughs. She thought this man could help her. She loved his sense of humor. He can give good advice, too. But in return, he took her treasures and left.

She continued to move forward and met another man who promised her the stars. She thought this man might be able to help her. He brought her to places, and has good stories to tell. But then, he took her innocence and left.

She moved on and met another man who promised her company and protection. He said he would gladly be her wings. He treated her as a princess. Wendy decided to give him her heart. Unfortunately, the man wanted more than her heart. He wanted a castle full of treasures as well. Unable to give him what he wanted, the man left her and looked for another princess.

Wendy decided to stop looking for someone who could help her grow her wings. Instead, she wanted to find herself - who and what she really is. She worked so hard so she could fly.

Losing her innocence, she learns more of the world. Her eyes and mind are more open now. She knows the dangers and all the possibilities that could happen. But she also sees the beauty in it. 

Without her treasures, she became more hardworking. She learned to be contented and to give importance to what she has now. She believes she could achieve anything if she just worked hard for it.

Realizing that she can't just give her heart right away to anyone, she guarded it more. She promised to take care of it until the right man - who would accept it without condition - comes along.

Peter Pan once told her that in order to fly, she has to think of happy thoughts. But then, she realized that learning to accept the negativity in life is part of the process in being able to fly.

By accepting her flaws, she is able to make herself better. By facing challenges head on, she is able to reach heights. By not escaping responsibilities, she came to love reality.

One fateful day, she met a curly-haired ordinary man. He wasn't a prince, rather, he works as a front-end developer during daytime. He also plays sports. He has a name. He is Curly Tops.

Curly Tops has encountered a lot of ups and downs in life, too. 
He has also given and lost a lot - his treasures, his innocence, and he even had his heart broken.

Yet, like Wendy, he chooses to move forward.
His experiences has molded him to be the man that he is now. He is not afraid to face challenges and he does not escape from responsibilities.

Curly Tops was far different from Peter Pan.
He wasn't as dashing. 
But he was way better.

The two became friends. They got closer and before they realized it, they were already spending everyday together.

They shared good laughs. They've seen each others' bests and worsts and came to accept them wholly.
They weren't the perfect couple but they could not imagine life with anyone else.

They went to places far better than any place in Never Land. They faced all of life's struggles together, hand in hand. They became each other's confidant.

They encountered lots of problems, too. But they were able to overcome each challenge together.

Wendy then realized that they are the wings - the pair destined to be together.
She feels that even without the help of pixie dust, she will be able to fly if she's with Curly Tops.
The two joined together and each grew the most beautiful wing she could ever imagine.

Life won't always be easy, but she is sure they'll make it together.

Without him, she is just a wing..

But together, they can fly.


This is a fictional story, by the way (if you haven't noticed) but with some inspiration from real life.

This sounded so much better in my mind (haha) than it did in writing.

I'll try to come up with something better next time. XD

Photos used are from our prenup shoot (by Seph Aparente Folios).

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  1. Love this! Great read. I'm happy to know that after everything you went through, you found your 'other wing'. :)

  2. Just had to pay a visit, haha. Been so serious lately, had fun reading. Maybe i should also frame life like a fun story, haha :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Chen :)

      I had loads of writeups like this when I started blogging (archived them now). All those teenage drama! Hahaha!

  3. That is pretty cute. :) We miss reading personal write-ups like this. :)

    1. Hi, Team Sweetie! Thanks for dropping by ^^
      My blog used to be full of stuffs like this (but they were more like the "maoy" ones).
      I think I'll be writing more of this soon. :) ... hopefully. XD

  4. This is such an adorable story :) I like how you took inspiration from real life :) Shell

  5. “Life won't always be easy, but she is sure they'll make it together.

    Without him, she is just a wing..

    But together, they can fly.”

    Love that part! Super cute twist on a fairy tale! Good read!

  6. This is a beautiful story! I think you did amazing 😉

  7. This was a very good story and I really enjoyed reading it. It is very relatable, as I'm sure many women and men have struggled to find love but knowing the happy ending, it will give a gleam of hope to those who haven't found their soul mate yet !

  8. So cute! What a great little story (you did wonderful)!

  9. This is really good. It's cool that you took to writing some fiction on your blog. It's a nice change of pace from the usual!

  10. Very cool how you twisted these stories together! Lovely post babes!

  11. Awww, this is so sweet. I think it is also good in writing. I love the way you wrote it. I think this is something that many can relate to <3

  12. So cute! Thanks for sharing something a little different and more personal.

  13. Very Cute and insightful. Keep creating and it will only get better.

  14. This was an awesome read , I love reading blog posts that are open and honest!

  15. Love your story! Best of luck to you both!