by - May 01, 2015

My SO came to pick me up last night (April 30) so we could have dinner outside together.

And it has always become a dilemma as to where.

I would be like "Where shall we eat?"
He would be like "You decide."
Then I get so grumpy because I can't think of anywhere else he would approve of immediately asides from Jollibee.
He isn't really choosy, btw. It's just me.

So since we were already in JCentre Mall, I decided to bring him to Snakyard.

We ordered the Pesto Herbed Porkchop which only costs Php85 (without the drinks) as the main course.

While waiting for our orders, I took a quick shot of the stall - yeah, it's just a food stall.

Addictive porkchops, eh?

In no less than five (5) minutes, they already served us our food.

Pesto Herbed Porkchop

The presentation was a little dull and boring and there were only a couple of (not to mention, really tiny) cucumber slices.

But despite the lack of garnish, the food tastes really great!

I love how tender the meat is and I just love the taste. I may be a little biased on this one because I really love the taste of butter.

My SO also loved it, saying it tastes much better than the one at *censored* which I always recommended him to try.

After the main course, we were served our dessert - Brownie ala mode which costs Php59.

Brownie ala mode

I really liked the presentation of this one.

The brownie is a little hot as if it was just freshly baked, topped with ice cream and chocolate syrup.

Just perfect! Just how exactly I liked it to be.

But then I was not able to (and I believe I can't) finish it by myself because I just find it too sweet for me considering I love sweet stuffs.

Nevertheless, we had a very satisfying dinner which does not cost us much!

Snakyard is now located at Upper Ground Floor JCentre Mall beside Jollibee..

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  1. Lami btaw ila food. Tried it there too! ;)

  2. Lami btaw ila food. Tried it there too! ;)

  3. Janiel Phee BaliongMay 1, 2015 at 5:40 PM

    Lami btaw ila food. Tried it there too! ;)

  4. lagi! musugot pa jud sila pa add ug butter :D